Nuggets 149 – It’s Summer !

Inexplicably I made this a couple of months ago when it definitely wasn’t summer. Wishful thinking. Anyway, given that the below Soul mix finally made to the web, here is a similar mix I made earlier.

 Nuggets 149 - Its Summer! cover web

Nuggets 153 – Sunday Soul Full redux

This playlist is from 2011. Fast forward to 2021 and I still enjoy listening to this playlist so I decided to resurrect the blog entry. All going well I will also add a Spotify playlist widget thing.

Started this mix several months back. It’s This is a Sunday favourite. If anyone has suggestions for other soulful tunes chime in and add a comment (and a song). I love that brassy Philly / Memphis soul sound.

No picture yet, will get on to that tonight.

Nuggets 153 - Soul full web