Gigs, gigs, gigs – Flying Nun’s 30th – The Newbies – Part 3

10:45, time for Sharpie Crows. I had never heard of this band. Their undertheradar page isn’t informative and this interview isn’t much help either. Well, the lead guy has presence, a real showman with a few groovy moves. He played a little keyboard occasionally and drank a lot of red wine.The rest of the band kept to the back of the stage.  I was well pleased to see a singer with presence. The typical Flying Nun band is a retiring bunch who let the music speak for itself. Apart from bands featuring Shayne P. Carter I can’t recall any FN band with a stand out lead singer.

Has Roger got it right? The Crows were dark and fun. Well picked Roger.


Gigs, gigs, gigs – Flying Nun’s 30th – The Newbies – Part 2

T54 were brill. More comments soon, in the meantime here is a crappy video. If its jerky, try watching it at a lower resolution (hover over the bottom right, click on the ‘360p’ and choose 240p). New album below, eeow.