Nuggets 253 – Driving Electro 10

Nuggets 253 - Driving Electro 10

I took my car of many years to a dealer today and traded it in. They gave me a healthy trade in. I would like to think the price paid meant that they too appreciated the quality of the car, but deep down I know it was a bribe to get me to buy one of their new cars.

No, my car wasn’t as flash as this hot Ford Falcon, but I was quite attached to it. Sob. I miss it already.

The good news is that I took out the stereo. It was a gory exercise and what was left (in the dash) wasn’t pretty. Once installed in the new car the stereo will be a reminder of the old car, call it a soul transplant.

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Nuggets 246 – Driving Electro 9 – Fast

Nuggets 246 - Driving Electro 9
This mix is inspired by the recent Italians Do It Better mix, After Dark 2. It’s got a cool European electro sound with excellent female vocals and disco’y beats. I added some tunes of my own to a selection of the After Dark 2 tunes.

There are 4 tracks here from AD2 along with tracks from Psychic Ills (think Moon Duo but better), Jesse Ruins, Daughn Gibson and the wonderfully named Emergency Bible Study with their song “Robbert Zimmerman Practices Guitar in Front of the Mirror”, and others

This mix is a current favourite when on the road.

Not all the tracks are up yet. When I have time I will add some more videos.

I just found out that Anika is playing in Auckland on Friday 11 October. Yeah