It’s Always Better Live Pt 2 – The Others Way Festival 2017

It almost didn’t happen, but The Others Way fest rolled out on 1 Sept. No Aussie bands this time but a welcome visit from Canadian Flying Nun’ers The Courtneys was a treat.

Great vibe. Everyone was out to listen. Nice frocks.

Earth Tongue were one of the first bands I caught. Gussie Larkin was in good form as you can see below. They are playing a new tune – Pentagram on the Moon. After a costume change she played later in Mermaidens.

Gussie Larkin and Ezra Simons play a thrashy version of psychedelia.

No Aussie visitors this year but the Courtneys were cool. I am always impressed with drummers who sing – great coordination.

Getting late – bring on da thrash

My pick of the night were Queen Neptune. Funny, tuneful and very entertaining. I hope that Caoimhe Macfehin and Karl Steven play again soon. Caoimhe wore a Star Trek TOS dress!

Until next year…

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It's Always Better Live

We have been blessed with some great gigs in recent months. Here are some favourites.


Steve Gunn

The Bats

 Cate Le Bon




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