Nuggets 341 – Baby Baby II

Here is part two of my baby infused mixes. If I had to choose a favourite track, it would be Baby I Need Your Loving – a wonderful wall of sound track that has been remastered in stereo with the Supremes instead of Levi Stubbs and the rest of the Four Tops. I wager that the Wrecking Crew were involved.

What’s your pick?

For those who are curious about the picture above, you can read more about Donnie and Joe or watch this doco.

Finally, I have included a song from the fabulous Pizzicato Five. The video isn’t the tune from this playlist, but it’s pretty fab.

"Baby Where You Are" – Mountain Man Live from Luck Mansion
Stereolab Live 15/11/2001 ~ 4. Baby Lulu
Pizzicato Five│Twiggy Twiggy
The Band & Bob Dylan – Baby Let Me Follow You Down (HD)
Lush – 500 (Shake Baby Shake) live
George McCrae – Rock You Baby [+Interview] Soul Train 1974