Nuggets 342 – Baby Baby

Strange title, long story.

I was sorting through my Itunes music collection the other day (yes, it was raining outside) when I noticed how many songs had the word “baby” in the title; there were about 600 tracks. Great I thought, lets make some playlists. I sorted them into more contemplative tunes, psych 70’s numbers, thrashier tunes and so on.

It has been interesting checking out tunes familiar and unknown, a deep dive into what I have saved over the years.

Here is the first playlist which contains mildly thrashy numbers. All fab of course. If I had to pick a favourite, it would be “Why Not Your Baby” by Gene Clark / Doug Dillard.

Happy New Year.

Baby Strange ❤♥●• Marc Bolan & T. Rex (lyrics) HD
Kevin Morby – Crybaby (Live on KEXP)
Crystal Stilts – Sugar Baby