Nuggets 308 – Jesus

Nuggets 308 - Jesus

I don’t get to church very often, but when I do its great to be able to sing out loud.  Here is a collection of spiritual funky and bluesy tunes, and some with an indie / rock vibe.

Masonic Wanders

“I call him” is an absolutely fabulous song. There is a clip of this long running gospel quartet band performing this song but its terrible, so instead, this…

Masonic Wonders: Amazing Grace

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash – It Was Jesus

Johnny Cash – He Turned The Water Into Wine (San Quentin)

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers

EAGLE ROCK GOSPEL SINGERS – "Little Light" (Live from Echo Park Rising 2013) #JAMINTHEVAN


Wilco – Jesus, Etc (clip)


Dom – Jesus ( Sessions)

The Wooden Sky

'Oh My God' by The Wooden Sky on Q TV

A Camp

A Camp – Stronger Than Jesus LIVE ON WFMU

Brian Jonestown Massacre