Nuggets 267 – LoFi And Smeary

Nuggets 267 - LoFi & Smeary

Last year I saw the wonderful Purple Pilgrims playing with Gary War. They sounded ethereal, heavenly creatures from another world (actually Christchurch via Hong Kong ). Gary War in contrast was messy, harsh electronica. They share an EP (see above pic). After the gig I started this mix.

Purple Pilgrims played last week at St Kevin’s Arcade here in Auckland as part of the May day celebration.  Again a real treat and I was inspired to finish this mix.

Great gigs and those willing to spend $8 can see them back in Auckland this coming weekend playing with Avoid!Avoid at the Whammy Backbar. See you there. (click on the image below for ticket info)

Avoid!Avoid, Gary War and Purple Pilgrims

Headquarters: Purple Pilgrims
Purple Pilgrims ~ live @ The Kings Arms 2015
Purple Pilgrims - Forever

Gary War

Gary War - Born Of Light LIVE AT EKKO,UTRECHT

Fat White Family

Fat White Family - Cream Of The Young (Green Man Festival | Sessions)

Gauntlet Hair

I like this band’s Josef K vibe. Looking for a live vid. In the meantime, this …

Gauntlet Hair - "Lights Out" - Far From Home #21


Again I can’t find a copy of this song played live so instead…

Hookworms - On Leaving | Guardian Sessions

Buy their music here.

Jessica Lea Mayfield

Big fan. She has recently left her country roots and has gone grungy.

No vid so …

JESSICA LEA MAYFIELD Live (complete, indexed) Philadelphia May 2014

A Sunny Day in Glasgow

No vid..

A Sunny Day in Glasgow "Failure" LIVE @ Piano's 01-16-12

Buy them here

Amen Dunes

At last.


Buy Love here

Vigo Rising

Virgo Rising - To Deal Without It

Cough Cool

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Nuggets 299 – Deutschland 83

Nuggets 299 - Electro Chug

I really enjoyed the recent German TV series  Deutschland 83.

TRAILER: Deutschland 83 | Coming Soon | Channel 4

The series is set in 1983 when East German paranoia was at its height. Martin Rauch is a young guy sent to spy in West Germany to find out if the Americans are about to attack. The programme resonates because the sound track is rich with tunes of the early 80’s I heard  when I was studying in Dunedin. Martin and I share similar times except I was carefree and living the life as student whilst he, and millions of other Germans, lived in real fear of a nuclear war.

As with Justified, I imagined my own soundtrack to the TV series and here ’tis.

There follows a video of the title track followed by a Spotify playlist of the soundtrack to the series.

Back in the West we were oblivious to the struggles of the East German peoples, and instead hung out in clubs dancing like this…

Trisomie 21 The Last Song


More about this German New Wave / Post Punk Band from Hamburg here… and here’s another of their tunes.

Grauzone - Eisbaer



The New Stone Age (Live 1981) - OMD


Heaven 17

Is it just me or does Glenn Gregory (the singer) look like Draco Malfroy in Harry Potter?


dd elle

Heavenly Beat

Heavenly Beat - Honest (Local Live In-Studio)



Big fan of Austra. That voice! Even better with three singers but sadly twin sisters Sari and Romy Lightman aka Tasseomancy are no longer involved.

Like Grimes the band is Canadien; must be something in the snow…

Austra - "Lose It" | Music 2011 | SXSW
Austra - Forgive Me (Live on KEXP)
Austra - 'Forgive Me' live @ 3voor12 Radio
Austra - The Villain - End Of The Road Festival 2011

Ben Dodd & His Organ

Ben has an interesting take on NZ indie music.


CHVRCHES - Lies (Live on KEXP)

The Go! Team

The Go! Team - Milk Crisis

Neon Judgement – Please Release Me Let Me Go-Go

Belgium post punkers. No videos on the web but here is a compilation.

Playlist: All Tracks - The Neon Judgement


Jesse Ruins  – Lust & Fame


Starfucker/STRFKR "Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second"

Part Time – In This Filthy City


She Passed Away

Coldwave from Turkey.

She Past Away - Kasvetli Kutlama

Goldendust – Forever Midnight

Keyboard minimalist on the ever reliable Night People Records

Cough Cool – The Real Germany

Geisterfahrer – Himmel auf Erden

No videos of this German post punk band but they do feature in this most excellent playlist.

Trisomie 21

This gem appears in the above playlist and the dance clip at the start of this entry. The band is from France / Belgium. It took me ages to run down this track after hearing it as part of a YouTube playlist.

Trisomie 21 - The Last Song

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