Nuggets 176 – Girls make noise

Nuggets 176 - Girls make Noise


What do Girls, Little Girls and Women have in common? Well, apart from being impossible to google, they are all bands with no female members. Mountain Men is a 4 piece female band that makes sweet Appalachian tunes. With this gender bending going down, its difficult to reliably put together a mix of female bands. Of course a mix focusing on bands with female members suggests that such bands have a sound that stands apart from bands with a gender mix. But what sound?

Weeeeeeeeeeeell that’s a difficult question that I can’t begin to answer. I can say that having a female singer is probably a good start, but then so do many bands. I also believe that I can generally tell that a band has a woman drummer , but that doesn’t always work, i.e. Comanechi whose Akiko Matsuura (more) moonlights as the drummer for Big Pink. I doubt that an all male band would sing about their pussy (as Comanechi did) or a song entitled Nestle in my Boobies (a great song from the Coathangers).

Without delving any deeper I present this mix of bands that seem to fit the bill.  The Screaming Females headline of course, Marissa Paternoster (more) is a force of nature, a 21st century Iggy Pop and a bloody brilliant guitarist. There is a Thunder Power track, I particularly like Kacynna Tompsett‘s voice, and tracks from Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast and Kristen Gundred aka Dee Dee of  Dum Dum Girls

First up, Chin Chin with a bangles-esque stomper.


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The NZ $ is sky-high, bad for the economy, all you can do is shop while the money lasts. Much as I like shopping in Marbecks, sometimes they don’t have a CD I want. For all these reasons, and the free delivery, I have been buying from Amazon recently, that is, not The UK store will deliver CD’s and DVD’s for free as long as you buy 25 pounds worth. You also need to make sure that you choose an item being sold by Amazon itself, and not an affiliate or else the free delivery doesn’t work.

Delivery takes 5 to 10 days. CD’s are from 3 to 22 pounds, with most about 9, which works out at 18 nzd, i.e. just double the amount in pounds to get the nzd equivalent.

I trawled through some recent mixes and found CD’s with the free delivery. See above. If I have time I will kick in a few of my favourites. Note that I do get a kickback, a few pennies towards buying more music.

Amazon does have an excellent DVD selection. The following 14 DVD box set of Hitchcock is a family favourite.


P.S. Just sent in an order. Obviously Amazon likes me, the CD’s ended up costing even less than indicated in the above widget, about NZD18 each …

Amazon estimate delivery in 2 days which seems optimistic.


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